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An Amazon review is a public rating of the buyer’s satisfaction with a particular product from Amazon which includes star rating, written explanation or video




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About Amazon

These reviews are an essential part of building a successful business on Amazon. While shopping online, customers can’t physically see the product or check it taking in their hand. So they rely on others’ opinions.

The more positive reviewsthey see for your product, the more they buy it. These product reviews affect customers’subconscious mind. These trigger them to think- “Others are buying that product, so I will buy that”.

Another crazy fact is that a product with 500 reviews with 4.4 stars is sure to sell better than a product with 4.8 rating having 20 reviews.Product reviews provide vital information for consumers.

There are lots of websites on the internet, where people search for product reviews. Yelp is one of the websites that provide people with a number of reviews on different businesses and services such as accountants business, restaurant business and home services like home cleaning, plumbing, electrical services etc. It is the trusted and most visited review website on the internet. Per month 142 million unique visitors visit the website for reviews. So, having some quality yelp review is surely going to help you to grow your business if your business is in the categories that people usually review in Yelp.


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You can give payment through PayPal, Payoneer or Wire Transfer.

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We can show you a number of reasons for which you should buy Amazon reviews from us. Let’s take a look at the features of our services:

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You don’t need to worry much if you are thinking, ‘How to get fake Amazon reviews?’You can buy fake Amazon reviews from our website. We write paid reviews for different services on Trustpilot for our clients. We research your website and services with care and post a review on Trustpilot that seems legit to the Trustpilot authority.


Now online reviews are the modern media word-of-mouth. Here consumer’s voice is very powerful and has an immense impact on other consumer’s behaviour. A product review is one of the major steps you can employ to promote your product.It plays a significant role in giving back to the seller. So, buy Amazon product reviews from us as an investment in your business and have an amazing product selling experience.


– No, we don’t post any automatic reviews. We avoid using any software or bots to generate reviews rather than creating reviews on our own.
– First of all, we visit your website and research your business and service. After the research is done, we gather the necessary information together and create a legit review of your service.
– Generally, we start working between 12-24 hours after we get an order. We post the review in the lowest time possible after we complete the research work. But if you order more than one review, it will take time to post.