Google Ads: Best Way To Advertise

Suppose you are searching on Google Ads account for buying a new phone and on the top list of your search, came up few videos then, few links with entitled as Ads and later some random other links. The top videos are the Google video ads & the top links are Google advertisement links.

Maybe this simple yet complex example is not adequate to make one understand what google ads are, how they are working &what the impact of Google Ads account is in our day-to-day life.

What are Google Ads?

So let’s take a deeper dive into the ocean of advertising and learn some interesting facts about Google ads. Google ads are run on two elements, partly on cookies & partly on keywords. Every day we write lots of messages, search lots of things & watch hundreds of videos on YouTube

. Google is consuming all our search data and categorizing the keywords. That’s how Google is able to know, which ads to show us & which one to not.

google ads

Google ads are the biggest advertising platform right now. Formerly it was known as AdWords. They initiated their business back in 2000 and especially offer video content, product listing, brief advertisements, service offering & generate mobile app installs within the Google ad network to web users.

This is the biggest and main revenue source for Google Ads account. The revenue of the Google Ads account is more than $100 billion. They are offering services under the Pay per click (PPC) model of pricing. Apart from that, they also use an advanced bidding system to automatically reach a predefined CPA, though it is not the real CPA model. Some specific ads of Google Ads account are search ads, display ads, shopping ads & video ads.

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Features of Google Ads account

Features that a user can use on Google ads are many. Among those- Google Keywords Planner is which helps in getting the search queries that other users have searched on google. It is highly beneficial for search campaigns. Then there is AdWords Express, which helps small businesses by managing automatic keyword campaigns.

Google ads editor helps the user to edit & make bulk changes to ads and campaigns offline. This is a downloadable program that comes with Google Ads for no extra cost.

Reach planner will help the user to forecast the total reach of a campaign. IP address exclusion is another great tool for users as they can exclude locations and custom their own range of advertisements. Google partner is another great platform for any user & to be more specific any learner who wants to get certified in Google ads by Google. Google partner lets people get certified by passing in particular ads related online exams.

Now, if you are a business owner and want to promote your business through google ads, then here is some crucial information for you that will certainly help you to start your campaign effectively & efficiently. Initially, if you are clear about the target audience you can start with the placement-targeted advertisements. This helps to specifically target a target audience of any particular demographic, keyword, search, topics, or even domains.

Remarketing is another great approach to target your audience who already visited your website. You can remarket your ads to those potential customers and maybe will eventually end up making some profit out of them. Shopping & smart shopping ads are really impactful when you want to directly drive your target audience to your website or purchase page. Search ads are also highly impactful.

Google Ads

How to Use Google Ads for Advertising

Now, to start your advertisement you need to go to & sign in with your Gmail account or you can directly click on “Start Now” if you are already logged in. If they ask you about the goal of your ads, click on the “Experienced with Google Ads account”

Then you will be redirected to another page where you will find types of advertising campaigns such as Search Ads, Video ads & display ads. If you are a beginner, then start with search ads as they will give you a better learning experience.

So, after you click on the search ads you will get their options Sales, leads & website traffic. Now choose which one you want to choose for your business. You can increase traffic by choosing the website traffic option, the sales will help you to increase the sale & leads will lead you to more potential customers.

If you want to use the video & shopping ads, you will have to start with payments. However, on Google ads, you can set your budget while starting your campaign. Then, you will be asked to select your target audience as per your choice, and then you will have to choose a network between search network or Display network, immediately choose your preferred one.

After that, you will be asked to choose your keywords, and then you get to set your bid which determines the number of clicks you are looking out for. Now you’ll have to write your ad. This is very simple. The process is the same for all types of ads.

Just on the final stage, you will have to use different types of ads that you want to advertise through google ads. You must install the Google Analytics tool to evaluate your ads. You can check the quality score of your ads as well. This keeps you informed if your ads are running well or not.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Now let’s take a short detour to the realm of advantages & disadvantages of Google Ads account.


  1. Google ads are faster than SEO
  2. Google ads are seriously impactful for brand awareness
  3. Reach more people through Gmail
  4. Reconnect with the potential customers who once visited your website
  5. You can consistently measure your ads performance
  6. You can explore more about customers using your ads as Google ads are interactive
  7. You can easily tackle your competitions better as you can easily see what they are doingGoogle Ads


  1. You have to pay for each click on your ad
  2. There are some ads limitations (limitations for usage of characters)
  3. High risk of targeting the wrong keyword

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